The Schutte family, proud owners of Cottondale Game Ranch, are honoured by your visit to our website. Please feel free to at any stage get in contact with us or arrange for a visit to Cottondale.

To make a contribution, however small, in support of:

  1. The sustained recovery of former glorious African fauna and,
  2. The guaranteed prosperity and multiplication of this fauna for future generations.

To breed in a law-abiding and ethical manner, in close collaboration with all legitimate roll players in the gaming industry, indigenous African game so adapted that they not only match and supersede the skills and appearances of their superior ancestors but also be able to roam successfully the African continent.

Buffalo Composition

All applicable protocol and legislation are adhered to since the inception of our investment in Buffalo in 2007.

These measurements are also in tact on our neighbouring farms.

Cottondale Game Ranch is blessed with a proud record of Buffalo sales of more than 100 all of which has tested disease free and delivered as such to satisfied clients.

Our initial herds were carefully selected from Northern Kruger, Madikwe, Buffalo Land and Barry Streicher.

Selected Mopani heifers and 34″ plus cows walks with the bull Klein Rooi (48,1/8″ 136S,1/4CI at 8 years) son of the bull Rooi (48″) who with the bull Tyson Norman Adami (53″) comes from a famous herd in Madikwe.

We thus added subtle elegance to robust Kruger genetics.

Sable Herds

Cottondale Game Ranch still celebrates the arrival of the exceptional young son of the Western Zambian sable bull Piet(53,5/8″) namely Duke ( 48″,1/2 at 4 years 4 months ) bought at Mr Piet Warren’s Sable Park auction 24 September 2015. We however still take a bow to the phenomenal achievement by our stalwart bull Sam (these days affectionately referred to by Cottondale staff as “The Legend “ ) who singlehandedly produced 9 of the mothers and 4 of the grandmothers of the 43 outstanding bulls that were on offer at Mr Warren’s record breaking auction including of course Thometelo (51 ½”) that was one of the most sought after bulls in South Africa.

We salute Sam and his daughters with this outstanding achievement and quality stamp of approval as some of the best and most respected breeding material in South Africa. We were therefore very fortunate to become owners of the bull Duke, a young giant, bred from the Gemsbok/Stamper genetic pool combined with the bull Piet.This excellent genetic makeup as manifested in Duke was scientifically integrated and introduced on carefully selected cows ;  daughters of Sam as well as granddaughters of Sam born to our well known Western Zambian bull Assegai (47 2/8”)  brother to other exceptional bulls namely Charlie ; Tsunami ; Black Jack and Zambezi.

The supreme genetic composition derived from Sam with added value from Assegai and then matched with Duke should surely make it one of the most diverse and sought after combinations brought together in recent times.”

Roan Endeavor

The Roans in the Cottondale antelope breeding project were carefully and scientifically selected from prime resources, namely: Tswalo and Glen Lyon Reserves, Northern Cape and Namibia amongst others.

The resident breeding bulls are Yster 31” at nine years and Gariep 31,5” at six years, son of Majestic 34″ (Ellalien Davey Romaco Ranch). For conquer investors it is worthwhile to note that including the heifers purchased from Glen Lion sired by 13″ bulls all female breeding stock at Cottondale were sired by a sought-after 31″+ bulls

At Cottondale Game Ranch the grayish brown coat is abundantly tinged with strawberry red hair and our roan antelope display this colour as well as beautiful horn growth throughout their lifespan.

Apart from all other fascinating characteristics of the roan antelope, or any other game for that matter, the long ears and strawberry colour of the new-born roan calf must rate as one of the most beautiful sightings in the wild.

Goldenwildebeest – Colour variants breeding projects

Cottondale Game Ranch once again endorsed the supreme growth potential and stable investment value of the scarce game industry with the acquisition of a further outstanding breeding herd of 19 golden wildebeest in 2015.

Expertly advised information set the ground rules for the selection of our golden wildebeest herds that consist of animals originating from proud herds of top breeders namely Beyers Gerber, Crous Brothers, Norman Adami, Pilansberg Gamebreeders and including Tuli genetics.

One of our breeding bulls namely Koevoet (28″,5/8) is a sought-after breeding bull that we purchased from Piet du Toit.

Apart from exceptional black ram acquired from Pilansberg Game Breeders, Cottondale bought some of the best black impala genetics when the bid was closed on the signature wildlife auction when we purchased a new breeding ram of 4 years and 22″,3/8 (Tip-to-tip: 12″,7/8) from Piet du Toit in the Eastern Cape.


At Cottondale we have an absolute belief that the contribution of proper infrastructure combined with daily determined rhythm can never be overestimated in the lives of fenced game and their handlers.

Proper infrastructure enhances the feeling of belonging, safety, certainty, assurance, confidence, value, routine and energy of man and beast.


In the valleys of the Murchison Mountain range, amongst the tributaries of the Mulati seasonal river lies just over 3000 hectares of the utmost nutritional subtropical grasslands, abundantly adorned by Jackalberry, Leadwood, Huilboerboon, van Wykshout, Blompeer, Sambokpeul and other succulent browser habitat.

Assisted by able ecologists the flora of Cottondale is carefully managed to conform to the highest standards.

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