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In association with game breeding and farming experts, Murchison Leisure through Schutte Boerdery Trust successfully breed scarce game on the farms Kilima and Cotttondale, Gravelotte Limpopo. ( South Africa )

The sable breeding herd started off in 2008 with the acquisition of the famous record breaking purchace of the Western Zambian bull called Sam (44”), previously utilized by Mr Piet Warren and Mr Hannes Maree.

Several excellent females from the breeding herds of Big Five, Warren, Maree, Jacques Malan of  Lumarie and other top breeders were obtained and scientific  breeding for excellence took off.

The first sale of two heifers carefully selected for excellent features took place during Benchmark Game Breeders auction 2011 and both were regarded as outstanding breeding material by discerned breeders.

Daughters and sons of Sam are still used by some of the most well known game breeders in South Africa.

Game Breeders South AfricaIn 2011 a further acquisition were made when the sable bull Assegai were obtained from well known  breeder Mr Chris Visser of Kimberley.

Assegai is genealogical directly or closely related to some of the most excellent specimens of the new sable generation namely:   Madala   48” and  Charlie    50”   (Piet Warren) , Tsunami   49” (Hannes Maree)  and Black Jack  48” (Tina de Jager)

At 3 years and 5 months Assegai’s horns were measured at over 45” and he is at present utilized with the daughters of Sam.

Buffalo Game Breeders South AfricaIn 2007 the buffalo bull Mopani, spread 46”, boss16”, previously from Mr Barry Streicher a member of Trophy Breeders, were obtained to add certain characteristics to the buffalo breeding herds. Excellent results were obtained and more than 40 buffalos had since been sold to a wide spread of satisfied breeders. game breeding

We as the Murchison Group also decided to play our part in conserving the rhino, and to gather, interpret and share any and all info possible from the perspective and habits of our breeding herd of rhino,  for instance how they react and interact dehorned, how active the poacher blood trail in our area operate, what security measures we can invent or develop that can also serve other projects and the role we can play to penetrate or unravel toxic rhino syndicates.

This project is managed alongside and in accordance to the  supreme  knowledge and passion of Ms Annelize  Steyn, Mpumalanga Gamepark employee and rhino expert.game breeding

Outstanding breeding material were obtained when a number of pregnant rhino cows were bought from Sabi Sand and Timbavati reserves, thus including genetics of some of the largest or most dominant bulls from that area including Kruger Park.game breeders

During the latter part of 2012 and in the light of the dwindling numbers of Southern Roan Antelope we acquired three more breeding herds of excellent quality to clearly establish our commitment to their conservation. The latest addition to enhance our Roan breeding projects was the acquisition of a beautiful young pedigree bull from
Mr Garry Donian of Gariep Eco Reserve. This young bull's grandfather was Merlin 34" and his father the grand bull Majestic 34,25".

Visit our website regulary to see more game breeding projects currently undertaken.

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