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"Nou gaan ons braai

Ons weet jys uit goeie hout gesny, maar gaan dit soms met jou so tussen die boom en die bas?  Het jy ‘n doring in die vlees?


Ons het dalk net die regte raad: Maak ’n vuurtjie met die ware Jakob, Cottondale Knoppiesdoring, knak ‘n ietsie vir die keel en gooi ’n tjoppie op die kole. Laat Gods water oor Gods akker vloei, en dan gaan al jou probleme Bokveld toe. Daarsy, nou loop alles klopdisselboom!

"Now we shall braai

We know you’re cut from good wood (of good character), but does it sometimes go between the tree and the bark (not too good)? Do you have a thorn in the flesh (something bothering you)?

We might just have the right advice: Make a fire with the true Jacob (the real thing), Cottondale Knobthorn, snap a something for the throat (get a drink) and throw a tjoppie on the coals. Let Gods water flow over Gods acorn (let all be, relax) and all your problems go to Goatfield (they die). There you go, now everything walks knockthistletree (smoothly)!

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To breed in a law abiding and ethical manner, in close collaboration with all legitimate roll players in the gaming industry, indigenous African game so adapted that they not only match and supersede the skills and appearances of their superior ancestors, but also be able to roam successfully the African continent.


To make a contribution, however small, in support of:

1. The sustained recovery of former glorious African fauna; and
2. The guaranteed prosperity and multiplication of this fauna for future generations.

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