Buffalo Cup Ranchers Auction

12 July 2019



Your Ultimate Farmers Fair Occasion

A BCI Ranchers Auction brought to you by Cottondale Game Ranch, Morningside Game Breeders, Piet du Toit Wildbedryf, Sangoma Safaris and Quaggasfontein Private Game Reserve.

A game auction in South Africa,  put together to satisfy expectations of enthusiastic game breeders, passionate hunters, faithful friends and supportive family.

Action and “entertainment“ will most definitely not be limited to the auction tent but will explode and be enjoyed by all, young and old, noon till late, at the auction grounds of Millvale Golf Estate, Koster NW.”


Exceptional genetics on auction from respected game breeders.


From PH to PH. 
A quarry, a trophy, a moment to savor with your client. Hunt proudly Southern Africa.


Your family, our family.
Heartwarming get together opportunity.
Memories for a lifetime.


Old acquaintances , new companions. Through good times and bad times. We prize nothing more than your true friendship.


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Don't get lost, GET READY!

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To breed in a law abiding and ethical manner, in close collaboration with all legitimate roll players in the gaming industry, indigenous African game so adapted that they not only match and supersede the skills and appearances of their superior ancestors, but also be able to roam successfully the African continent.


To make a contribution, however small, in support of:

1. The sustained recovery of former glorious African fauna; and
2. The guaranteed prosperity and multiplication of this fauna for future generations.

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