There are many game breeders all over the world, some specializing in the breeding of only a few types of game species and some with ranches specializes in the breeding of vast game.

In South Africa, you will also find a large group of animals specified as Plains Game such as kudu, giraffe, eland, impala, zebra and hartebeest are only naming a few.

Many Game reserves in our country is also home to South Africa’s iconic Big Five, which is comprised of the Cape buffalo, leopard, black rhino, lion and the African elephant. Initially hunters referred to these 5 animals as the big five as these were the hardest to hunt. Today, many hunting laws protect these animals from illegal hunting or illegal poaching.

Buffalo breeding project by Cottondale game Farm



In South Africa, many buffalo breeders are specialized in the well-being and healthy upbringing of buffalo herds. The Cape buffalo forms part of the big five and its preservation, amongst other is very important. The buffalo is a powerful animal with strong horns and a sturdy body. Many buffalo grow to an approximate 1metre to 1.7metres high with a body length of 1.7 to 3.4metres long. 

Buffalo breeders as well as some ranch owners ensure the upkeep and growth of rare game species through the research and help of scientific procedures and implementations. Many species of game that has evolved over the years and their characteristics are seen throughout their generations of offspring.

Sometimes ranches and game breeders would raise rare game that has features that are unusually different from the rest, such as larger horns or bigger bodies. These and other features play an important role on what these rare game would cost when bought at game auctions.