Game Breeding in South Africa is a specialized business

Breeding game is not an easy task and it takes time, nurturing and the correct grooming skills to achieve the best outcome. Game breeders in South Africa have developed various techniques and skills pertaining to the growth and robustly healthy look of each of the animals on their farm.

There are many game breeders in South Africa such as Cottondale Game Ranch in Limpopo, who constantly work hard at achieving the best outcome in game animal species with the assistance of technology and science.

Here Is A List Of Some Of The Animals One Can Find On Cottondale Game Ranch



        Plains Game


Other ranches also breed these game species and then sell it on auction when the time is right. Many ranches invest money on employing professional game breeders, because at the end of the day “it takes money to make money”. As well as the fact that professional game breeders are trained and highly skilled and can pick up defects or problems in health even at an early stage.

Scientific Game Breeding by Cottondale Game Farm

Game Auctions

Various game auctions give bidders the chance to compete for the best species of game as well as to sell any of their own animals to the highest bidder. Here you could pay anything from a couple of hundred thousand Rands to anything in the millions because the stakes are always high. The rewards are enormous, whether you get to be the new owner of a one-of-a -kind game species or whether you just sold off your rare game.

When purchasing rare game, buyers look for “perfection” and rare characteristics such as longer horns, robust and larger bodies. Science has played a large role in the breeding of rare game and it comes as no surprise at the advance development we see today, compared to that of perhaps 15 years ago.    

In today’s life, times have changed where investments are concerned, and many elite businessmen are investing their money in rare game breeds. The days of property and stock market investments are not over or gone but, investors have discovered how rewarding rare game can be once sold at auction.


Trophy hunting is not uncommon in the ranch and farming industries and many wealthy people take part in this form of past time. Trophy hunting is not simply hunting to survive or to make a living; it is more of a sport to many who take part in this event.


Trophy hunting allows the hunter to preserve part of the animal’s pelt, horns, or head as a “trophy” in their achievement of successfully hunting it. These parts of the animal are also regarded as a souvenir on their hunting adventures.