In the valleys of the Murchison Mountain range, amongst the tributaries of the Mulati seasonal river lies just over 3000 hectares  of the utmost nutritional subtropical grasslands, abundantly adorned by Jackalberry, Leadwood, Huilboerboon, van Wykshout, Blompeer, Sambokpeul and other succulent browser habitat.

Assisted by able ecologists the flora of Cottondale is carefully managed to conform to the highest standards.

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To breed in a law abiding and ethical manner, in close collaboration with all legitimate roll players in the gaming industry, indigenous African game so adapted that they not only match and supersede the skills and appearances of their superior ancestors, but also be able to roam successfully the African continent.


To make a contribution, however small, in support of:

1. The sustained recovery of former glorious African fauna; and
2. The guaranteed prosperity and multiplication of this fauna for future generations.

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